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Lone Worker Australia - Monitored Man Down Alarms

Southern Cross Safety & Workwear is proud to have been appointed the Northern Queensland and Northern Territory agent for Lone Worker Australia.

Lone Worker Australia is the only company in Australia that has a proven record in providing peace of mind through a selection of completely portable, take anywhere, electronic safety companions.

A companion device to suit everyone, including intrinsically safe , waterproof and even Satelite companions ensuring our coverage is available to everyone, anywhere !

Our Incident Response Centre (IRC) is an authorised and licensed Grade A1 response centre, which enables direct access to all Emergency Services dispatch rooms

When you need assistance, you simply push the button and our professional highly-trained security operators instantly know who has raised the alarm, their exact location, any medical history and other important details, like who to contact in the event of an emergency.

  • Who you are - details as supplied by you
  • Where you are - units supply GPS co-ordinates in the event of an emergency
  • What is happening - most units support 2way voice communications

Do not be fooled by others who claim to have this technology.

Lone Worker Australiatm has an extensive range of products from entry level one button self monitoring devices for the young, elderly or sick, right through to state of the art world-wide satellite coverage for adventurers and professional staff who may travel the globe or into areas that have no mobile coverage.

If you are:

Employer - looking for assistance to comply with your duty of care under new OH&S laws, ensure your comply ?

Parent - looking for peace of mind, the safety of your children and loved ones?


Carer - wanting to ensure protection for a patient or Elderly parent

Lone Worker Australia is the only entity able to provide a complete end-to-end solution for your personal safety including GPS location service & geo-fencing ability.

Our solution includes:
* purpose designed products
* national supply chain of customer-focused agents
* 24hr / 7days monitoring coverage through a locally-based
Incident Response Centre ( IRC )

Lone Worker Australia Product Range

My SOS Alarm


Small portable descreet unit working on the 3G mobile network including the option of a fall sensor (providing vertical protection), suits many environments. perfect for  professionals, on road service, sales, health care, nursing staff, mums, students, backpackers, bush walkers and many more staff working alone.





Satellite Alarm

LoneALERT anywhere

This take anywhere portable compact device uses satellite based technology not SIM so it can summon assistance anywhere in the world at anytime....

Easy to use function buttons allow for users to operate checkin timer and breadcrumb trial features to suit their environment. Activity can be monitored by authorised personel over web via authorised password restricted access to web server.

International Emergency SOS button is protected from accident activation.





24-7 Incident Response Centre

24 Hour Incident Response Centre

Alarm and alert monitoring by trained security centre operators in state of the art grade A1 Incident Response Centre.

LWA is the only Australian entity able to provide a complete end to end National service offering full montioring and response capabilities for lone worker style devices.


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